I’m Trudy Parman, the owner of PHOENIX. 

Phoenix evolved out of the idea that beauty can exist in all corners of the world. Combining beauty in daily living with knowledge of textiles and love of photography created an avenue in which I could share my talents with you.

I currently offer 5 collections: pillows, tote bags, cups, iPhone cases and fine art photography. The Limited Edition products are all black and white and have a few products from each collection. Some of the graphics used are developed by photos I have taken. My products are created and printed in America which helps keep work here in the United States. 

As you review the collections, you will find a variety of styles and names. I wanted the names to have holistic value to deepen the connection and help establish positive energy within you. The names speak for themselves. Perhaps they will entice you to become more "motivated" for instance.

My motivation comes from my desire to combine the knowledge I've acquired in my life. I knew at a young age I was a visual person when I fell in love with fabrics and began sewing. I got a degree in Apparel Design from Kansas State University and worked in retail furthering my knowledge. As time passed, I fell in love with photography as the digital world was born. Working for the government for years and being laid off helped me to seize the opportunity to combine my love for photography and fabrics. Attending school once again and getting an Associate of Applied Science in Visual Communications rounds out my knowledge.

Like the Phoenix from Greek Mythology continually rebirthing and arising from the ash, my creative energy surges through me when least expected and fills me with ideas for products which I hope you will enjoy. More products will be developed as time goes on.

Enjoy! Thank you for visiting PHOENIX and remember to... EXPRESS YOUR RISING SPIRIT...

If questions arise, call or email any time.