The Life Of A Visual Artist

To be a visual artist can mean many things. The self expression comes in many forms but the most important thing an artist can do is try to follow their inner guidance. With so much information coming our way thanks to our modern day world, we can get overwhelmed and lost. For me staying open to the great creator means getting away from technology. My great escape is painting with acrylics. Upon starting I had most of the supplies I needed. Starting out I worked with canvas sheets that were 9" by 12". I am able to feel a sense of completion and accomplishment working in this size. The smaller size can act as a thumbnail too. Although they are completed pieces as well; I did sell the one below.
That sale fueled the fire within! I scrounged around the garage and found a larger canvas and am seeking to re-create the one above.
When asked how I created my art, I thought perhaps I'd share my process. My style represents the natural world that I love. A color story is usually brewing within and I'm always on the hunt for a layout idea. For me, the joy lies within the actual painting and mixing colors so too much planning can drive me crazy. I start with an underpainting which is usually a bright color. Then comes large blocks of colors and shapes. It helps to start with the darkest colors. Adding the lighter colors later adds depth. I don't like to get to caught up in realism but in maintaining a few basic principles, I do find I like my work better. Adding alot of layers of colors and paint adds richness to the painting. I also try to create a path for the eye to follow. All of the things I learned through my various degrees and class taking do apply. Having a focal point and light source are a couple of things to help create depth. I seek to stay loose in my marking and let the paint and brush work for me. Acrylics are easy to work with and since I like texture, a little blunder here and there isn't the end of the world. The closer the painting comes to completion the smaller the marks get and the lighter the paint. Eventually I like what I see and have achieved and on to the next!
Thanks for taking the time!

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