Hello Summer! 

Summer in the Pacific Northwest is amazing and rich with creative inspiration stemming from nature! The desire to play in the dirt, sand and surf is great as is the desire to photograph the beauty around me and MAKE ART! 

My most recent artistic endeavor is working with digital transfer techniques originating from my photos. In my quest to be healthy, I researched methods used and found one that does not employ toxic solvents. Using hand sanitizer as the transfer agent, I covered the fine art paper with it and sought to find the balance between working quickly and ensuring the ink transfers over. What I like about using this technique is that there are alot of imperfections and textures. It is a little trickier than meets the eye though and timing is everything. 

As the print dries, there is an opportunity to go back in with ones paint brush if desired. Or add definition with colored pencils, watercolors or anything else you might desire. The  possibilities are endless.


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