The knowledge gained from my degree in Apparel Design has not left me. I have years of training and information about many fabrics in a variety of price points. Being a lifelong learner keeps me open to the market trends and needs of my customers.

I love fabrics as many do. But when it comes to buying, the game changes. I have alot of resources for my products too. If you don’t like what you see, I may have something else up my sleeve. Nowadays you can get just about any type  of fiber content or graphic on your tote bag.

I have canvas tote bags which I love because they’re sturdy and I love the texture. They can take alot of abuse which, let’s face it, is part of the life of a tote bag. You can wash them and should. They do wonders for the earth in terms of less trash and pollution. When tote bags are printed the washing could have an impact on them. I like the distressed look myself, but if you don’t you can also hand wash them. Washing things in the washing machine does lend itself to breaking down fibers. It is actually quite hard on them.

Totes made of polyester on the other hand are probably more equipped for washing in the washing machine since they are a manmade fabric.


Be mindful that you can always set your fabric colors by washing them in a mixture of white vinegar and water. Before doing that, wash them once to get the sizing out. Then soak in the vinegar mixture which will penetrate the fabric better.  After you've done this once, you will see how it really does work and while vinegar is pungent, it is also non-toxic and not hard on the environment. This works wonders on blue jeans if you want to maintain the color.

Here is even more info about the use of white vinegar from the farmers almanac.


Here is another article:

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