Exchanges And Returns

Recently I have integrated a smooth way for you to do a return or exchange if you need to. It can be a tough part of the business, but it is a simple fact of life. I encourage people to take their time when making purchases so that they are happy with what they get and don't have to go through the hassle of making the return. Shopping online gives people the space to think about what they are doing. On the other hand, it is sure easy to hit the "buy" button before feeling 100% sure. Sometimes shopping in a store can be cumbersome as you may know. Not everybody likes shopping. Like all else, it has its good and bad points. Dealing with the other shoppers can be interesting at moments. If you are like me and have been in the public eye for hours you might not be in the mood. Not to mention the standing. I try to do my shopping when the "traffic" is slow because I can be in and out in quickly. Sometimes I need my soul food too though. Usually that's when I don't buy anything, but I am scouring the market for ideas.

While I'd like to explain all the details of how to do a return, it is really handled by me on the back end, so rest assured, I got your back on the returns. 

Thank you for taking the time! Have a beautiful day!

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